Quick Tips to Take Your Look From Day to Night in Minutes

Erin's Tips:

  • Keep eyeliner (or better yet -- eye kohl) in your handbag for quick, smoky eyes.
  • Smoky eyes are dark color all around the eyes. Black isn't your only option. Try gray, navy, browns, or burgundies. These options are so much more intriguing (and harder to mess up!).
  • Blend your eyeshadow! Then blend some more. We shouldn't be able to tell where your eyeshadow starts and stops.
  • Don't tug on the skin around your eyes. Hello, wrinkles!
  • Wearing a deep lip color is a surefire way to have an instant nighttime look.

From Our Panel:

  • Kat of Living Like the Kings reminds us to wipe away any makeup that has moved or run during the day. Barb H at Clearing Up the Clutter likes to rinse and dry her face before putting on her evening look.
  • Lonek8 of Practical Pablum suggests that we put on a chunky ring or some eye-catching earrings to add a little sparkle and make a statement. Mindee at Our Front Door is also a fan of sparkly jewelry. While Tarrant at Retro-Food keeps it simple by putting on a dress and adding her signature necklace.
  • Before you dash out, Carol from Homschlr4ever-Loveandlunchmoney and Lulu del Rosario both recommend applying a few spritzes of perfume.
  • MyMansBelly at My Man's Belly pins her hair up, letting loose strands fall to frame her face. Jen of Lita's World rubs gel through her hands and runs it through her hair. Then she flips her head and creates the "messy" updo. Pati at A Crafty Escape is a fan of a high ponytail with a sparkly clip. Tanya at Sunday Baker teases her hair while Nina at Momma Go Round back-combs at the crown for extra volume.
  • Kim of flutie * mcd uses her lipstick for double-duty beauty. She not only applies it to her lips, but also to her cheeks as a cream blush. Natalie at The Bobby Pin uses her lipgloss for double-duty beauty by also using it to tame any hair flyaways.

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