A Quick Trick To Find Balance

If any of you SoulMates are like us, your days can be filled with organized chaos. Sometimes it's hard to feel a sense of balance even when there's nothing going on out of the normal. You're trying to juggle work and work reports, work in lunch dates, catch up on emails, nail an interview, grow your empire, catch up with girlfriends, and still find time to look fabulous while doing it all.

Sometimes you just wanna hit the pause button.

The bad news is that a pause button doesn't exist. BUT we do have good news involving a little trick.

Today, we are introducing our first trick in a series of "Clutch Tricks". Clutch Tricks are practices so small you can carry them with you anywhere, including your fabulous Marc Jacobs clutch.

Balance is important to your spiritual growth. When you feel so incredibly out of whack with all of your external forces, your internal forces can suffer by being ignored. Your internal forces should never be ignored. 

When you start to feel that enough is enough, try this Clutch Trick for balance:


Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Place your right fingertips to your left fingertips as if you're holding a small invisible ball of light. Place that ball of light low by your bellybutton, elbows away from the body. As you inhale, your belly expands, as you exhale your belly contracts. Breath in balance, breathe out chaos. Breath in calm, breath out hectic. Breath in serenity, breath out disorder. Keep repeating those words to yourself until you start to feel that ball of light start to heat up between the hands and a sense of balance restore. 

Energetically you are clearing your body's electrical system in order to restore balance.

You don't have to be alone for this practice. It can be done while you are interviewing for a job, having an intense conversation with a friend, riding in an elevator, standing in a long line waiting for coffee (and you're already running late!) or as the beginning of your meditation practice. It's so subtle no one may even notice you're doing it! 

Try it and let us know how it worked for you!


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