Quick Ways to Let Go of the Hurt

This is my first article on this amazing website, but I hope that the following tips on 'letting go' can help anyone who is struggling with the pain of a broken heart, or grieving the loss of a loved one and can’t let go:

Embrace your feelings.During this time, remember the good and the bad. How you felt, the great moments, and the ones that made you sad.

Put them in a box. Next, imagine if you could hold these memories in your hands for a moment. Then put them in a special place in your room where they will be kept contained. It can be an old shoe box or a locket.

You are not running away from them. You have acknowledged them already, and now you will keeping them in a place where they can’t interfere with your life.

Walk away. Then take a deep breath,  turn around and slowly walk away from them; with each step the feelings of hurt and loss subside one number. When you reach 0, give yourself permission to move on.

Put your name on a bracelet. Honor you and the day you decided to move on. Include the date when the loss happened to remind you that on that day, you survived and became a stronger person.

Rise above the need to make everyone happy. Your life is yours, not theirs. Not everyone is going to be happy with your life choices. Oh, well.

Give every life challenge a new name. Imagine that your problems are stones the size of your hand blocking your way. Give them a unique name to each. Think of funny names that make you smile. Then, move them aside gently, one by one, opening a small pathway. They are still there, but they are no longer keeping you from moving on to new things.

Paint the world with your colors. Give yourself permission to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. If you’ve always dreamed of going to that special place (e., that amazing trip to the Machu Picchu in Peru; the Niagara waterfalls) , do it. If you always wanted to be a painter, pick up a brush.

The world is your canvas. Paint it with your colors.


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