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My name is Sobrina Tung, and this is my blog which chronicles my freewheeling life as a twenty-something year old. After graduating from UCLA in the spring of 2005, I have worked in a number of interesting (and some not so interesting) jobs and am in search of the next best thing.

I live in the sunny Silicon Valley with a very nice man named Alan. He prefers to be called my boyfriend, and although he is and is often introduced to others as such, I find that "living with a very nice man" lends a bit of eccentric flair to the statement. In truth, we are actually quite far from eccentric and the most off beat you will find us is when we are dancing together in a club. Less than a month after turning 25, Alan was diagnosed with stage 3b rectal cancer (cancer that forms in the tissues of the last several inches of the large intestine). This means that I spend a fair amount of time trying to convince him to eat more spinach, broccoli and other green things he just hates.

I was raised by 2 Cambodian refugees and have very colorful memories of the dinners we would eat growing up. One night, while chewing on a particularly tough mouthful, I asked what the mystery meat was, and my dad piped up "It's sting ray!" as if he just happened to have some in the fridge that needed to be used up before it went bad.

I grew up surrounded by a very large, very intense extended family, most of whom are living in the Bay Area, too. On my mom's side alone, I have 10 aunts and uncles, all with children and grand kids of their own. The fact that my dad signs off on his emails with things like
"Love, daddy andrew kim tung.( kim son tung.)" to remind me of who he is is a testament to just how many cousins, aunts and uncles I actually have. Aside from always having someone to celebrate Christmas with, the plus side to having enough cousins to form a small village is just that, that we could form our own village if we wanted to. I would bet that most people with only one or two cousins would be hard pressed in building their own village. (And the one or two cousins probably live really far away making the whole task nearly impossible).

After graduating from college, I joined the legions of 9-5 desk jockeys doing a variety of things such as market research, advertising and copywriting, and marketing and event planning. I never have a good response for people who ask me what I majored in and who are surprised to find out I majored in economics and psychology and not "marketing" or "advertising" or "marketing and event planning." Although I couldn't tell you exactly what it is, I'm still searching for the thing I want to do every day for the rest of my life. In the short term, I'd like to go to Harvard business school and be the pretentious person who wears her Harvard sweatshirt to brunch with her Ferrari baseball cap. The level of pretentiousness will be balanced out by the fact that I'll still be driving around in my Civic.

When I am not being a homebody (which is more often than not), I like watching movies, going out to eat, visiting the library, going on trips and being active. "Being active" has recently come to include hip hop dance and yoga.