Start the quilt by making a bunch....according to the size....of 9 patch quilt squares. I used 4" squares, so 3 squares minus 2 seams of 1/4" makes the square 11 1/2". I cut across the folded piece of muslin, safely about 13". I opened the material, laid in a 12" square of batting, closed it and traved on a quilt stencil that was approximately 10". I put the stencil right at the edge of the open side because when you trim the muslin, the folded end, opened, is big enough for the back of the 9 patch. I can't just sit and watch t.v. and all of the solid squares were quilted while I sat and suffered through basketball and football!

Put a piece of batting between the 9 patch and muslin and stich the squares on your machine, to quilt.

When you join the 2 pieces together, the quilting is done. This is a better picture of the quilting. When assembled, all you have to do is add a border. This is two large pieces I have joined . When I get the quilt done, I will add the picture. I hope I explained this ok. If you need help, please leave a comment.

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