This Quiz is a Hoot – and Oh So Real!

Don’t you love quizzes?

I recently found one that in 10 quick questions not only gives you feedback on how well you handle office politics, but is also a ton of FUN!

I know!  Office politics and fun – hard to believe it, but it’s true!

In just 3.76 minutes up can find out how well you do in situations such as…

-    How to handle the office “pet”
-    What to do if you’ve sent a scathing rant about your boss to
     your coworkers
-    A new manager who rubs people the wrong way
-    Whether you can avoid office politics by keeping your head
and just working
-    A coworker who is always hogging information and deliberately
     leaving you off emails

-    The coworker who steals your “big idea”
-    And the office gossip who talks about everyone behind their

To take the quiz right now, go here.  Love to know how you scored!

If you scored less than an 8, here’s something I’ve put together for you to up your career-savvy in dealing with power plays.  It’s my new video the 7 most common power plays every woman must know, how to respond, and more!  

These are all practical ideas based on personal experience and research that you can use right away.

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