Quotes from a Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

Those of us who work in the zoo field become accustomed to things that most people just don't see in a regular day...or lifetime. Here is a glimpse into the daily conversations that simply don't (and shouldn't!) happen anywhere else. If you're part of the zoo world yourself, you are probably already familiar with quotes like these:

Rather exuberantly: "When the chicks are frozen, you can pop their heads right off!"

"Will you pass me that fish head, please?"

"What kind of pee is in the hallway?"

"Sorry I can't do that right now--I have to take the armadillo to a birthday party."

"Let me change my shoes really fast because the kookaburra hates these boots."

And try asking this question in the office to see how many volunteers you get: "Who wants to eat these beetles?!"

Aan aadorable aardvark does, aamong others.

More zoo posts to come!

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