Intermarriage: It's Not a Fetish

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[Editor's Note: As someone in an interracial marriage, I know what it's like to have to defend my choice of partner. (Why do people think a personal relationship is fodder for public commentary?) Blogger, professor and minister Hugo Schwyzer knows all about that: he's been married four times -- to women of different ethnicities. He says pressure to marry someone of the same race can be just as much of a fetish as the inclination to only marry/date people of another race. --Grace]

Your Ancestors Want You to be Happy: Marriage, Exogamy, and Rejecting the Fetishization of the Past

I don’t think there’s anything particularly virtuous about interracial marriage. It’s neither harder nor easier than marrying someone from one’s same background (and more than almost anyone else, I’m in a position to know.) What I do believe is that people should raise their children free from an obligation to carry on a particular language or heritage or faith by choosing a partner from within a certain community. There’s a thin line between honoring and fetishizing the past; too great an obsession with continuity quickly becomes the latter.

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