ra row... what happened to the last four months!?!?

UHHHHH, what happend to the last four months? All I have to say is, this is what happens when your an extremely busy mom and wife.  Months go by and if you don't take time to get off the roller coaster, you end up like me with lots of unanswered voicemails emails, and a stack of things that to do that has now grown so high that I just want to sweep it all away into the trash can and start fresh.  

Okay, so last I posted, I was joining a running group, and taking life by the horns.  I ran a half marathon and did great and am now addicted to running again!  I have made two new friends out of my running coach and partner, that have turned my running miles into therapy sessions.  It is going to save me a lot of money for therapy!!

We made a huge life change when the house across the street from my best friend went on the market.  We quickly fell in love with it and scooped it off the market.  So now, like any teenage dream, I have the great pleasure of living directly across the street from my best friend!  I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!  Like me, she has two children, little boys the same age as my girls.  So they play all day and are always outside.  This plays right into my dream of raising my kids as if they live in a Norman Rockwell painting.  

Chris is turning forty next week and I have planned a great night out, I cant right about it cause its a surprise!! 

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