Race Rant...and Education

Many are also unaware that Vivien Theodore Thomas successfully treated blue baby syndrome in the 1940s while the White doctor, Dr. Alfred Blalock stole the credit for his work only to be later exposed as the fraud he (Dr. Blalock) was.  Or Dr. Charles Richard Drew, the Black man responsible for the start of blood banks and a system for the long-term preservation of blood plasma. Or Mae C. Jemison, a medical doctor and a surgeon, with engineering experience who flew on the space shuttle Endeavor.

This is the type of education that is required across the board not only in the U.S. but also in other countries, because believe it or not, many people have a problem actually seeing Black people as people, to them we are something else and as a result, we are treated like “something else” -- not people.

I have heard many Whites complain that they have held no slaves or their family wasn’t even here during slavery.  I note their anger, but telling Blacks to get over slavery is like telling Jews to get over the holocaust.  Millions died in transit to the United States.  Millions more were used as forced labor to help build this nation for free.  The horrors created by chattel slavery were unique to the United States.  It was the first time a slave was held for life and abused mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually, in addition to destroying families and murdering them without remorse or reprisal of any kind.

The government backed the acts of the slave holders and supported them through laws created to not only deny Blacks (both slave and free) any sense of humanity, but to assist other citizenry do the same by teaching them and their children the horrid behavior was/is the law of the land.  (By the way, that 2nd amendment the NRA is so fond of was created to quickly gather a militia to hunt down run away slaves not protect their home from the government-- look it up).

After slavery the government created laws which continued to deny Black citizens equal rights and encouraged the other citizenry to deny rights earned and granted through the constitution.  In short, the problem isn’t White people, the problem is the indifference and co-signing by the government through laws created by -- ugh -- White people.


Please tell me why you agree or disagree.

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