Before the race warm-up arrangements

Why warm-up is so important? A good warm-up allows the expansion of the blood vessels of your leg muscles, can provide you with sufficient oxygen, at the same time raise the temperature of your muscles to play the desired level to play flexibility, efficiency and strength, while the warm-up can also gradually improve your heart rate, to help you reduce the stress on the heart of the beginning of the game.

However, the vast majority of runners are standing in the pre-game warm-up period of time, so that there may be no warm-up. Studies have shown that the best state to play in the 5 km race intensity (about 95% of maximum heart rate), after the warm-up can not rest more than 30 seconds, a little longer rest will allow decrease in heart rate, resulting in reduced oxygen transported to the leg muscles. Your warm-up should last before the starting gun, even if only in the starting area, jogging only.

For the warm-up of scientific research has confirmed the following important points:

In order to improve the level of sports, your warm-up should continue for at least a 10-minute activities - this is enough to make the muscles to achieve the desired temperature.

Warm-up should allow your heart rate to 70-80% of your maximum heart rate, lack of activities will make you inadequate stimulation of the cardiovascular system, while too much will increase your game fatigue.

For more than 60 minutes of the game, 10-15 minutes before the start of the interrupt briefly warm-up is wise, you should drink about 10 ounces (Translator's Note: about 300 ml) sports drinks, carbohydrate drinks can make you (game time drink at least 5 ounces of sports drink every 15 minutes - but to ensure that training exercises can keep pace began to decline in muscle glycogen)

If the warm-up time to feel any muscle tension, stop jogging, stretching tension the site (but do not stretch time operator inside you 10 minutes to go). The study confirmed jogging - stretching - a combination of jogging can largely improve muscle flexibility and ligament firmly.

When you begin to feel relaxed and ready to NIKE AIR MAX 2013 Women Shoe play ready, imagine when you run quickly, especially if you have the most intense game that stage.

The last stage of the warm-up to the race pace is very important to do some 50-100 meters sprint, sprint can stimulate your nervous system, to activate your coordination and efficiency.

If you are in a hot and humid day game, it will warm-up is limited in less than 10 minutes, try to reduce the risk of overheating in a cool place. Even if the outside is not hot, not more than 15-20 minutes

Before quickly ran training and competition should be in accordance with the above guidance, strength training unit, maybe you do not have to warm-up, because you can gradually increase your speed in training, fact-speed training run the first two miles play a warm-up effect.

More than one rule applies to a distance of one mile and above all the games, if you run 800 meters or less, you can almost the same procedure, the difference is that the best join about 10 minutes between the end of the warm-up and the start of the game , this rest allows your muscles to increase the enrichment of two chemical energy - ATP and CP (Translator's Note: adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate), they play a role in the ultra-high speed game. 10 minutes after the break, a simple walk to maintain the temperature and relaxation.

Remember that a good warm-up tired than before the training is much more important, to make the heart muscles and spirit for the game ready for the warm-up can be a good make you run faster.


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