Rachel Kemble Photography

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“Your children are more than just your legacy. They’re your works of art.” (sm)

Before they’re even born, you imagined their quirks, their character, their personalities.

Rachel specializes in capturing
that personality in your backyard, at the park or wherever your child
feels most comfortable exploring their environment.

Rachel’s sessions are creative,
inventive and fun for you and your child, allowing you both to feel the
sense of joy and discovery that comes from knowing your photos are
being taken in safe, secure and interesting surroundings.

She knows that photo shoots can
sometimes be stressful for new parents and tired, cranky children, so
she shoots exclusively on location – coming to you where and when it’s
most convenient, at no extra charge.

But most importantly, your portraits are a legacy of art and love that your family will treasure for years to come.

Printing on the finest archival
materials available and offer a variety of beautiful and innovative
display options that will complement any decor, from a contemporary
Stapleton loft, to turn of the century Wash Park tradition.

You can also call to make an appointment to view her portfolio and products locationed at her office in LoDo, Denver, CO.