Rachel Knows... Ear Piercing!

Sooooooooooo... I got my ears pierced. This is only, oh, about the 7th time I've gotten it done. No, I don't have multiple piercings. I have one in each ear. It is just that every time I get them pierced, they become horribly infected and I have to take them out. I even got two piercings in each ear one time. You're talking about hurting. Man that was some bad pain when all four of those got infected. I always went to Claire's to get my ears pierced. I kept thinking I was getting the wrong metal type. I went back over the years until I'd tried every metal type they offered. None of them worked. I decided to do some research and that lead me to a tattoo parlor and body piercing studio. They offered piercings called Anatometal. It is surgical grade stainless steel. It is the same stuff they use to implant into humans during surgery. This stuff is guaranteed to not cause a reaction. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but with my track history, I'm not holding my breath. As most of you probably know and for those of you who don't, (Mom, I'm talking to you) body piercing studios use hollow point needles. They do not use guns. The guns are bad news bears. They tear up your ear, they aren't sanitized properly and they just all together suck. While I was getting pierced I was talking with my piercing lady, (I don't know what their title is) she asked me to tell her about why I'd had so many piercings, yet none of them lasted. That got us talking about Claire's and piercing guns in general. They told me that in Texas piercing guns were outlawed, because of a hepatitis outbreak that they traced back to a piercing gun at a local mall. Thousands of people were affected. They have sterile jewelry that is inserted, but the guns themselves are sterilized and they use them on everyone. Another thing that isn't sterilized that is always used at Claire's are the markers that they use to put the colored dots onto the ear. They touch everyone's ears. So gross when you think of the thousands of greasy, dirty, funky ears that marker has touched and then those germs are thrust into the huge puncture wound seconds later. No wonder people are getting sick and why my ears keep getting infected. Well, like I said I'm not holding my breath, but I really pray these work and that I can have pierced ears for my wedding. Everyone in Nashville should make a trip to Icon Tattoo and Body Piercing. Ask for Betty Ann and tell her Rachel sent you. (She'll have no clue that I am. Ha-Ha) Here are the results of my excursion.


I finally have hoops! Plus, they have cute little pearl beads on them. I really love them!


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