Rachel Knows... Sweet Lips! D.I.Y. Lip Exfoliator!

I'm in a weird frame of mind right now. I still don't have any definitive answers about my thyroid. I just know I feel worse as the days pass. I think it is more mental than anything, but I just want this thyroid ripped out if I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. That’s all I’ll mention about all of that, right this moment, until I find out something 100% and when I make a decision about whether to have surgery or not. Now onto the superficial side of life!

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I have very dry skin. This includes my lips. I was skimming Pinterest about a year ago and found an easy, natural way to get smooth lips. I did this after I first saw the pin for about 2 weeks straight every night and my lips had never been in better shape. I don’t remember why I stopped, but I haven’t done it in a while. I figured I’d get back in the habit and show you guys how easy it is!



·         Olive Oil (can be any kind of oil you prefer or have on hand)


·         Sugar


·         Dish


·        Unused Child’s Toothbrush with soft or extra soft bristles (You can use any size toothbrush, but I've just found that using one with a small head allows you to access your lips easier than a larger head.)


Tiny head.


Another angle of the tiny head.


Toothbrushes with Bert and Ernie on them make your lips smoother than toothbrushes without them on it ! Don't listen to the rumors about them. They are just two men sharing a one bedroom apartment because the rent on Sesame Street is outrageous and they are very economical.


1.      Pour a capful of your oil into your dish.


2.      Add 3 large pinches of sugar to the oil.


3.      Mix together the oil and sugar.
I like to have more sugar than olive oil. This mixture isn't as chunky and gritty as I usually like it, but I didn't want to waste tons of sugar getting it to the right consistency. I accidently used two capfuls of oil and then I remembered I should have only used one. The grittier it is the better it removes the dead skin.


4.      Dab your toothbrush into the mixture and gently, in circular motions, start massaging it onto your lips.
5.      Once you think you’ve gotten all the dead, dry skin off, wipe your lips off with a dry washcloth or towel and admire the smoothness.

Before and After:

This is before the treatment.

This is after the treatment. There isn't a huge difference, but like I said it takes a few nights before you notice anything drastic.

Another way to do this, that saves oil and sugar, is to dip you finger into a little oil and rub it on your lips. Then get a tiny pinch of sugar and smoosh it onto your oily lips. Then continue on to step 4. This is a rather tasty endeavor as well, as long as you don’t have too much oil to muck up the taste.

You can't help but smile when you smother your lips in sugar! I felt like I was breaking some sort of rule or something.
Ha-ha. I don't know, I'm weird, but I had a hard time keeping a completely straight face.

This isn’t something that will smooth your lips to perfection instantly, but if you incorporate this into your nighttime regimen then you’ll have smooth lips in no time. I like to do it right before I brush my teeth before bed. I also like to take some olive oil and rub it onto my lips as I’m going to sleep. It is natural and it moisturizes, in my opinion, better than Chapstick.

On a personal note I gave Max a horrible haircut tonight, but his ears and neck were very matted. Poor little guy. Ha-ha.

Jeremy says he looks like a punk rocker with a mohawk. Mom says he looks like a little lamb. I think he looks like he has a jackass for a Momma that doesn't know how to cut hair right. :-X