Rachel Zoe, You Are Ridiculous

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Who remembers Bossy’s friend, that ridiculous Rachel Zoe?

She’s the celebrity stylist whose life is documented in the Bravo series The Rachel Zoe Project, but sister mercy she also has a newsletter.

This newsletter, delivered by email, highlights the items Rachel Zoe thinks you should have in your own closet. But just in case you don’t have a hangdog husband Rodger who waits back in the hotel room while you go on a shopping spree with the Gay du Jour and then attempt to hide your exorbitant purchases, Rachel Zoe also gives you a parallel universe option which costs less, where less equals:

Shall we? Rachel Zoe thinks you need this dress:

It’s Alexander Wang’s Asymmetrical Sweatshirt Dress, but Rachel Zoe refers to it as a  Gym Class Hero Dress, probably because it looks like something you could wear to the gym, which is why it costs $650.

But just in case you can’t afford the designer version, Rachel Zoe offers this as her parallel universe option:

Alexander Wang, this parallel universe dress retails for $95. Which is why Bossy scoured the internet and would like to offer you the following Gym Class Hero Dress option:

Next, Rachel Zoe wants you to invest in this:

It’s Phillip Lim’s Double Breasted Blazer and Guru Pants and it costs $870. But if you can’t afford a mortgage payment to look like you’re wearing your Uncle Henry’s clothes, Rachel Zoe offers the following parallel universe option:

Next Rachel Zoe wants you to have this:

It’s Oscar de la Renta’s Crystal Bolero which costs $7990, which Rachel Zoe thinks is worth it because don’t you know layers are good any time of year? even though Bossy didn’t realize tulle with crystals amounts to a layer. But if you can’t afford it, Rachel Zoe offers this parallel universe item:

But in case you don’t feel you can afford this $68 parallel universe sequined cardigan, Bossy offers the following parallel universe’s parallel universe option:


You can find Bossy over at her place, i am bossy. Don't even knock, she's always there.


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