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Wait, before we go any further- TRUST ME! There, I said it, we can move on now.
Hot chocolate is one of those things that I can't live without. I drink it year round, forget just during the cold months. But after watching "Chocolat", {and cleaning up the significant amount of drool that is so obviously going to happen when you mix chocolate and Johnny Depp- HELLO, what are people thinking!?!?!) I became intrigued at the whole chocolate/heat combo. It took a while for me to get brave enough for me to try any choco/heat combo but when I did, OMG! I tried a dark chocolate/chili pepper candy bar {don't remember the brand} but it was amazing. The dark chocolate was so rich and the heat would come through at the end..and WOW! So, you are wondering, what's this got to do with hot chocolate?! Well, I liked it in bar form so much, I figured it couldn't hurt to try it in a liquid! World Market sells a mexicocoa, but it tastes like it came out of a can {duh}, so here's a way to make your own chocolate heat!


Hot Chocolate Heat
recipe by Rach's Blog Bite


3/4 cup powdered milk
3/4 cup sugar
2/3 cup cocoa powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper


Mix all ingredients well and store in airtight container. (Mix is good for 3 months).
To make hot chocolate: Mix 1/2 cup of hot chocolate mix with just enough milk to make a paste in bottom of mug. Mix chocolate paste with 8oz. of hot water.
Stir well & enjoy!
***I always add extra cayenne to mine... cause I like it that way... and it's Johnny's favorite!