Racing Away From Quiet.

There are times when  I race away from quiet.

When I race away from quiet, I  run away from myself.  Quiet can be energizing, uplifting and  engaging - helping us find resolve. It  helps me to sort through what I am feeling. Yes, I said engaging. We must engage with ourselves. Spend time with ourselves and learn how to become our own best friend and care for our own needs. Quiet is an invitation to do just that.

I spoil  this intimate call to my spirit at times,  because I am always running towards noise. I don't like myself much when I do this. It becomes a really bad habit. And I don't  feel good about being me. I wish it wasn't the case, but it is. I am learning how to be obedient to what my body asks of me. It's a work in progress. And so am I.

And so, like today, I woke up with a really bad backache. When I pondered in my mind why this was so and my husband helps me rub out the kinks with some form of rubbing creme, I thought to myself: " Why me, why today.... and why...right before work??" And I could have cried, moaned and complained, but instead of my normal routine of turning on Good Morning America and  trying to hear what was happening in the world, I listened to my body.

And I heard through the pain in my body my spirit say: " You need some down time. Time for quiet and for rest. You need to Listen to Me."

And then I though about how I wanted to do that last night, and i ignored my body screaming at me: QUIET TIME!!  ...And instead I stayed on Facebook, and zoned out til my head felt full and on overload. And then I got mad at myself, and fell asleep in my "mess of  mind-boggled stress"  and woke up with this pain searing  across my back as I  arose the next morn.

Lesson learned.

Yes, our body speaks to us.

Not loudly, but we get quiet prompting that whisper at us to slow down, find rest,  to contemplate and not ignore.

Whether we listen or not.. us absolutely up to us, but ... it's worth missing a searing reminder of the truth we have neglected ourselves.

Honestly, God knows how to get my attention, and when I run too far, pain reminds me of what I need to get back aligned with His order and not my own.


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Jennifer R. Owens