As we all know in recent news, The L.A. Clippers owner really stuck his foot in his mouth. He was caught on tape saying some very disparging remarks about African Americans or Blacks ( depending on where you are from as to what is the proper term). I have to say Mr. Sterling has been in trouble before but finally something was done. I have heard a lot of opinions and most on both sides have agreed to the punishment he has been given My thing is, why are we still dealing with racism in 2014. Why do people still judge, discriminate and just treat others poorly? Why should the color of your skin, religion, economic status and what you wear be a problem? I guess I am just a different person raised in a household that said " everyone is the same on the inside and outside". It is what they do in life that matters. Not what they look like. I have been accused of being too open, to nice and blindsided. I get that society has changed but racism is ALIVE and well, it is just that now people are nice on how they stab you in the back. All I want to say here, is be kind to others and open your heart. You are missing out on some great people in this big world. We only have one life to live why not enjoy living it with everyone regardless of where they come from and who they are.




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