Racism, Not Math


Look at this................

If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?” read one math problem.

Another question read, “Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?”

A further question asked how many baskets of cotton Frederick filled.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/if-frederick-got-two-beatings-a-day-third-grade-math-problem.html#ixzz1izDri4It

I heard this in the wee hours of the night on the news and thought it was a joke.  Then the actual story came on and I watched it.  I was more than appalled!  Sick to my stomach and more than a little pissed.  Can you believe that this went on in the year 2012?????  In a Georgia school where the article states that the majority of the students are minorities!  All I can say is WTF?????

This happened in Beaver Ridge Elementary School in Gwinnett County, GA.  This homework was given to third graders!  It has been said by a spokesman that the teacher was incorporating history into the math assignment.  I say BULL CRAP!  An adult, a so-called educated adult should know better than this.  This is a pure disgrace.

The principal of the school says they will work with the teacher to devise better and more appropriate lessons.  Oh gee, how nice!  How about a public, televised apology to all these students and their parents.  Hell, that is not even enough if you ask me but it would be a first step.  THEN I would fire the teacher.  A person like that should not be allowed to play any role in molding the minds of our growing children.  It's people like that keep racism alive and well.  Diversity training is absolutely needed but that should come after the apology and termination.

Yes, slavery was sadly a very real part of our history.  It was awful and I am ashamed by it.  Our children should learn about this so they understand what people went through, how we got to where we are SUPPOSED to be today and we always need to remember so that it never happens again.  But it can be taught in a much better way.

I thought it was odd that when we lived in Mississippi and my daughter was learning about the Civil War, slavery never came up and was not open for discussion.  This is another wrong way of teaching.  You can't sweep our dirty laundry under the rug but it also should not be used so lightly.

I wish that I could have written this post better.  I am not a talented writer but I had to write something and address this atrocity! 

Again I say....WTF?????



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