Racisms, it's a two way street

" I have a dream.."

Dear Dr. King so do I. I dream of a place where my children are not looked down upon for looking caucasian, I dream of a place where I do not continually have to explain that our family tree resembles a U.N conference, I dream of a place where my children are not judge because they speak a different language, dear Dr. King I dream to be far far away from here.

Today I was called by my children's bus driver and told that my 6 year old made some very disturbing racial comments. I was appalled. When I asked her, the bus driver, what he said she told me she didn't hear him because she had put him at the back of the bus, by himself with his brother.( My children look white but are in fact mixed, all the other children where seated at the front, they are African Americans.) She was told he made a racial statement by two girls who couldn't tell her what he said. I asked her if she had talked to him and said he didn't defend himself ergo he must have been guilty. I then told her that if she never heard what he said and if the girls couldn't tell her what was said it was a " he said, she said situation" and I was frankly tired of the discussion, she accused him of being a racist without proof, she seated him in the very back of the bus as if he were a third class citizen, did she really expect him to say something to her?

She went on a couple more minutes with some more delightful comments, even went as far as implying that he could be a bully and that racially charged comments were not acceptable (true) when I lost it. I asked her if the color of his skin determined his race, she couldn't reply, I asked her if she were aware that he's a mixed child, that he speaks other languages aside from English and that I thought was weird that she kept my children apart from the others when they should all sit together. As soon as I told her that racisms is a two way street she got really quiet, she didn't know he wasn't white. That was her excuse. She then told me that this was just a conversation she was having with me, that nothing was going to go on his file. I just could not hold my tongue and told her that without concrete proof a person cannot be judge guilty and that maybe those two girls were just trying to stir up a problem but because they are African American just like her (the bus driver) she immediately sided with them, that maybe this racial problem wasn't my child's but theirs.

I called the Vice Principle and he didn't know about the phone call or the so called accident, I was assured that this would be handle but still I wonder, is racisms really just a one way street?!

I have lived in the U.S for now ten years, I wrote many dissertation on Dr. King, admiring his work but I have to ask: are we aware that African Americans were not the only ones to suffer from slavery?

Every race has suffered slavery at some point or another and yet this particular group seems to be the only one who feels entitled to act this way. Jews and Christians were fed to the lions by Romans and yet you don't see them having a fit with Italians.

I don't condone racisms, so before you go get Holier that Thou on me just be warned that I am by racial and I know what the African slaves went through when they were sold in this country, all I'm saying is that caucasians are not the only ones with a serious chip on their shoulders.

So yes, I have a dream. I dream where it is ok for us not to be judge by our skin.



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