Radiant Design "Living"

Dear Friends:

I have decided to exchange my blog name "Closet Prophetess" for Radiant Design Living® as this includes the advanced work we do now.  


Our preliminary "Radiating Point® " technology was delivered to transform distressed communities into neighborhoods of peace, by resolving core issues that underlie the physical conditions.


Due to popular demand, we have revived this project. Trainings and products have been transferred to our "Bringing Home America" site ...http://bringinghomeamerica.com.


Welcome to the world of Radiant Design Living ®. I wish to share advanced writings from my new book. It is a new paradigm; one that transforms the way in which you may experience your world as the "magic of everyday living" 


Radiant Design® invites you into this new world which exists as feminine principled energy; free of strategy, goal setting and control. It is derived from an unprecedented relationship with the life force that blesses us to our highest degree of "Glory".



"Within your environment and wider world there is a glorious rhythm, which many of us have been disconnected from. We have only to be present and notice our own actions interrupting this natural order. How do we interrupt life’s flow?  Are things clean and sparkling or in disrepair?


Why do we interrupt this flow, as it occurs in the same way and clarity as an elegant concert? Each instrument is finely tuned, polished and in complement while being played passionately. Each object within our homes is meant-to-be the same way; flowing and uninterrupted. Do you have this music in your life?


 In the year ahead our work will explore this feminine integrity of what it takes to "Reside Inside Space ® as the Glory sourced from who you are.

 Please submit any questions. I look forward to our journey.

Our website Radiant Design Living is presently being redesigned for a short time.

May you be Radiantly blessed.

Donna Bell


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