Radio DJ endures 5 stages of Job Loss...


One month ago I was a classic country radio DJ...

It was an awesome life, I played music, told you if it was going to be hot out or cold...(here in Milwaukee, it could be cold in the morning, and hot in the afternoon, with snow at 6pm.)  Which has happened by the way...just not recently.  I even had a little feature I did every afternoon at three, I played a forgotten oldie, and told you a little story about the song, or the singer, if they were dead or alive, or if I had ever met them, and if I did, where they nice...and shockingly enough, most of the singers were very nice, BUT, because it was a classic country station, most of them were dead....

But, thanks to the economy, I'm not going to be doing that anymore.  Nope.  My awesome station is now a techno/dance station, looking for a whole new audience, kids who like tunes that sound like it's the same song played over and over again, but by different singers...(with the exception of that Canadian Carly Rae--what's her last name?..."just call me crazy, here's my number, so call me maybe..."  I LOVE that song!!!)

Speaking of sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring...I've decided to do something productive with my time since i was blessed with all this free time, and because i simply couldn't tolerate one more minute of my husband asking "so what did YOU do today?"

(Answer: Everyone Loves Raymond, House Hunters International and Clean House, news coverage on Hurricane Sandy...)


And maybe because the last show i watched before i hurried into the bedroom to change out of my pajamas before my husband came home WAS Clean House, i got this bright idea to clean my's a no brainer really. Every "on the beach jock" knows this drill, pull out all the station tee-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, wash them and then try to figure out who to give them's a way of wiping the slate clean, start over, move's part of the five stages of grieving;



Although we in radio have our own special five stages we call the five stages of job loss;

1.Is this some kind of a joke?
3.Howabout if i promise never to say douchebag on the air again?
4.I'm never gonna find a job with free coffee again.
5.Look for new job/career

So I'm now in the "looking for new career" part of a job loss...and it's much more productive then the "never gonna find a job with free coffee again stage" I've been stuck in for a better part of a week. Then i moved on to the front room, packing up clothes and books, found the vacuum cleaner and then discovered a very unsettling fact about myself...I'm seriously one item away from appearing in a reality show about pack-rat interventions.

On the bright side, i can take my smoke break whenever i want!  :  )

Cindy Huber


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