Radio show about improving your high school (or middle school) athlete's brain with brain training

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There is a sports radio show called "Best Seat in the House." On the May 10th show they had a program about high school athletes improving their brains through brain training. One female diver's mom was on the show talking about how her daughter was having some trouble academically because she spent so much time/energy diving and couldn't take extra academic classes and work. She went through an intensive brain training program and not only did it help her academics, but also her athletics! School and homework got easier and her diving improved ("it's a very mental sport") - partly due to the fact that she stopped stressing about school work because she was performing well academically. As the mother said, after brain training her daughter's scores in diving went up, her confidence went up, her understanding and attention went up, and her grades went up. She event went to State (diving competition) for the first time ever in the five years since she's been diving! Here's the show. Scroll down to 5/10 LearningRx:


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