Raige Missed Her B-Day!

Raige Missed Her B-Day!

I was just enjoying getting lost on my blog.

{does anyone else ever do that? click on the 'you might also like' posts at the end of the blog and find old posts, old pictures, marvel at how good some posts are, how bad others are??}

And I realized Raige turned 4 this year!

Past toddler years now. It is hard to believe it has gone by so fast.

I noticed, too, that Raige has really grown. Particularly in the style of Toekini's. Check out THIS post, where I was celebrating one year. The Toekini's were different, thinner, more bead-y. 

Should I go back to that style? 

Or keep going in the thicker, wider direction?

I guess there is room for both, right?

What do you think?
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