Rain and Blue Skies

Sleep becomes such a precious commodity in life once there are kids in the picture.  I never before realized just how crucial it is for my mental health and my physical health.  I value my sleep and yet, every week, I keep cutting it short to get up and exercise.  The last few weeks have been rough energy wise and then inflammation wise so I've been even more aware that I need sleep.

Monday, I opted to stay in bed so I texted my morning gym person to tell her and then guess what?  I couldn't fall back asleep!  Tuesday, my little girl had a fever and was up from three in the morning complaining and fussing.  That morning I was awake on time to go, but opted to stay thinking I could sleep in with her - didn't happen.  I got up.

I did exercise, but not till later in the day and after lots and lots of hemming and hawing and procrastinating.

Today I was determined and ready to get up early and go running.   At six am my alarm went off and I got up.  The kids were still sound asleep.  I dressed and then saw my running partner was opting out.  Dang.  But I mustered the energy to still go and got to the door to discover it was POURING out.  I could have run in the rain, but I wanted to take the dog and I really didn't want him to get sopping wet....so I ditched the idea of exercising and went back to bed.

But I couldn't sleep!

I did manage to get out after lunch today.  I did a Jillian Level 3 workout and then went for a 3.4 mile run.  The skies were blue and it was gorgeous out - chilly, but gorgeous.

There is a local half marathon the beginning of August.  I'd like to do it.  I don't think it is necessarily a smart move for me given all the tendonitis issues I'm having, but I still want to tentatively plan on it.  I miss working out towards something.

I figure that even if I don't run long distances as practice, I can work on doing cardiovascular stuff for longer periods of time so that the three hours a half marathon would take me would not be a shock to my system.

It's still absolutley gorgeous out.  I feel a bit more positive about my body aches.  I'm drinking more water, taking my multivitamins, taking a Chinese herbal solution to help restore my tired body, planning on taking primrose oil which helps with inflamation and overall just trying to address things as holistically as I know how.  I'm also pleasantly stuffed from a great curry salad (with some sides of pizza) and the curry had turmeric in it which is an anti-inflammatory so I feel quite positive about my evening 4th of July indulgence.  (The pizza did not have any special wonder powers, but it was really tasty.)

To staying the course (and a little less indulging).


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