Rainbow Cake

Want a cake that wows? Try this Rainbow Cake with an added extra surprise inside!

Rainbow Cake - children's party
At the beginning of March, I shared the party bags I had created for a little group of Sprout’s friends who she has known since birth. On that occasion, I also made a Rainbow Cake – in fact I ended up making two - one as an experiment earlier that week and then the real thing!
Rainbow Cake - children's party
I used this recipe for the sponge and then iced it using this vanilla icing from the Hummingbird Bakery! 
For this particular recipe, you have to make two batches of the sponge and then divide each batch into three bowls (ie six bowls overall) so that you can add food colouring to each one.
Rainbow Cake - children's party
Although, the colours look fairly vibrant in the bowls you can see from the finished product that some of the layers are a little bit indistinguishable in terms of colour. I think I need to add more food colouring!!....

Rainbow Cake - children's party
For the icing, I ended up making 4 or 5 batches of the Hummingbird vanilla frosting although I probably could have done with another batch.
Overall, the cake was quite a success and it was certainly devoured by Sprout’s Daddy’s colleagues! However, I did think that all that vanilla icing made the cake quite sweet so for the real thing I decided to use chocolate icing.

Rainbow Cake - children's party
I used the same sponge recipe again, but defected to the Hummingbird Chocolate Frosting recipe. I also decided to halve the number of layers to three, so the end result consisted of three thicker layers.
This time once I had iced the first layer (all apart from the very centre so the smarties don’t go soggy!); I used a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the centre of the middle layer. This layer was then placed on top and the centre filled with smarties. Smother this layer with icing and then pop the last layer on. The last step is to ice the entire cake and decorate!

Once the cake was iced, I used a palette knife dipped in boiling water to help get a really smooth finish on the sides of the cake. On the top, I piped rose swirls using a Wilton Tip 1B and then used the same tip to pipe little decorative touches around the base of the cake. 
Rainbow Cake - children's party
As there were going to be three small people blowing out candles, I used these happy birthday candles so everyone had a good chance at blowing out a couple of candles.
Rainbow Cake - children's party
The inside of cake came out surprisingly well with three chunky coloured layers and a little smartie surprise in the middle. I’m afraid I  didn’t manage to get any ‘nice’ photos of the layers, but here’s one after it had been devoured by the masses!!
Rainbow Cake - children's party
Have you tried making a Rainbow Cake? If not, have I tempted to you to have a go? 
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