Rainy Saturday Adventures

As this summer comes to a close here in Texas - well, as much as summer closes when school starts - we've noticed a trend in our eating habits that we would like to stop. In other words, we are not eating well at all and have decided to make a change. It's nothing that drastic, but we are using the Daniel Plan as a guide. So yesterday we went on a trip to Sam's, Sprouts and Central Market for all things healthy. I would say it was a productive shopping trip and we found lots of yummy yet healthy foods.

As we were shopping I recalled how I used to love to make homemade bread. At one time not too long ago, we stopped buying packaged bread and I made at least a loaf a day. The bread made at home is whole wheat, and with no preservatives a much healthier option. The problem isn't actually making the bread, it's finding time to let it rise then going back and finishing plus the baking time. So the logical answer to the question "how can I make bread with my crazy schedule" is buy a breadmaker! Well, that sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Except as we were out shopping my options were not that great and I certainly couldn't spend a lot on a nice machine. Still, I felt like this was the right option. So I sent a text to a friend of mine who was having a fund raiser garage sale for her 3-day Susan G Komen walk. I was so excited to find out she had a very nice machine in her sale that had been donated. It was from someone she knew who had only used it once. So we went over and picked up a very nice Wolfgang Puck breadmaker for $35! I'm excited to play with my new toy today!

So I would be remiss if I didn't mention the rain today. There I said it, it RAINED today!! We were so thankful for an answer to our prayers. It was nice to drive around in the misty rain and cooler temperatures. It was a nice way to hang out together.

Oh and while we were out, I picked up some yarn to make these. Someone asked me a while back to make them and I haven't taken the time. But this weekend I have no work to do, and if you know me very well you know I have to have something in my hands all the time. So this looked like something fun to do today. They are from the Lion Brand website, and seem to be a pretty quick make. I recently heard someone call crochet a "granny craft". That made me laugh because first of all, I never had a "granny" and second I don't at all consider myself that old. I may be a "Nana", but that's because God blessed me so young with these really fun little people in my life. Crochet just happens to be one of those things my mother taught me that has remained valuable through my life. I'll let you know how they come out. I hope she likes them. :-)

I think I'll finish my coffee now and see what today holds. I'm looking forward to church, crochet, breadmaking and getting ready for the week. I have plans for every night this week so that is a good sign school is about to start. My Kylie starts Kindergarten next week, did I mention that? I look back 5 years and life doesn't begin to resemble where we were back then and I'm very content with that.




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