Raise your IQ for a healthier heart?

Yep, that might be the case.

If you've followed this blog at all you know that you can change your IQ. Scientists have proven the brain's "plasticity" (ability to change) and IQ is made of up cognitive skills like logic and reasoning, attention, visual and auditory processing, etc. - all of which can be strengthened. 

Well a new Scottish study found that the lower your IQ, the greater your risk for heart diseases. In fact, the only thing that created a higher risk was smoking! And yes, they did take into account things like weight, education and income. But IQ itself was a big determinant: low IQ = 4 times more likely for heart attack

One theory is that people with low IQ typically have worse eating habits, smoke and drink more, and maybe exercise less. But another part of the theory is that the better your brain works, the better your body functions.

So how do you raise IQ (and perhaps help your heart in the process)? Brain training. It's the best "all-natural" (READ: no stimulant medications!) way to create stronger connections in the brain, making you smarter PERMANENTLY.

Here's the original article on the LearningRx blog: http://www.learningrxblog.com/iq-and-heart-disease/#more-234


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