Raising Boys

I find being a mom of boys a HUGE responsibility.  No, I'm not knocking all the wonderful moms of girls.  I just happen to have boys so I'm writing what I know.

Read the paper, watch the news, most violent crimes are committed by men - women being the victims.  Most women have a man as a boss.  So raising boys to be respectful toward women is a MUST.  Teaching them how to be great men in society is what all moms of boys need to do.

Teaching starts from the get go:  not to hit or bite,  how to walk away from a fight, opening doors for women, no means no, respect, responsibility, on and on and on.  Teaching your little one doesn't start when they can talk or start school.  It starts from the first day they enter the world.  They should always know what you expect from them.


What challenges have you faced being a mom?  What is your favorite thing about being a mom?


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