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This is my first BLOG, i wasent sure what to put it under but family seems the most logicial. 

I am a mother if 2 girls who are the center of my life, but i am struggling with some personal issues that can effect my children and how my husband and i raise them. Growing up i was the only girl out of 7 children and my parents but more of my mother way of disapine was spanking, or a slap accross the face. My husband was raisied in a simaler fashion. Now that i am a mother and can see in myself the furstration that can come with parenting, and diiscaplining children, i am unsure of myself. My husband is a firm believer that spanking is a effective way of dispalining when other methods did not work, such as time out, taking away privilages, taking away fav toys. I can recall as child that spanking was effective for some of my bad behavior but it also made me to fear my mother, and i as i grew older i became a very deifinet teenager. I rarely spank my children, but my husband does not hesitat, and i can see now how our children are starting to fear him, i have tried talking to him about it, i dont want our children to fear us, i want them to feel safe, i want them to be able as they grow to feel they can come to us for anything, to come for help. i dont want them to be afraid to talk to us when they get in a bind or trouble thats might have some serious reprcutions in the real world not just in the home. I am home with them every day, every night, my husband works two jobs and is gone thursday through sat, i feel that he needs more time with them, to understand them, but since i was injuried last dec and had to have surgerie, and now months of therpay i have spent more time with them and have learned so much about them but he took on a second job to help get us by, i recive workmans comp but no where near the amount i was making when working, i understands he feel obligated to work to proviede for us but he is missing so much and i think that because he is gone all the time when he is home  he his disaplining  the only way he knows how. i have tried talking to him but it just seems to go in one ear and out the other, im not here to find answers more so to let my feelings out, im sure that i will find the answers but i need a way to let my frustration out. 


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