Raising Consciousness. Series 1.

I attended an all day event today, called The Earth at Risk. My head is still spinning with a plethora of thoughts, and insights about social justice and environmental challenges across the globe, that continue to jeopardize all forms of life on earth.

There were two speakers in particular that I enjoyed listening to: Thomas Linzey, Esq. and Arundhati Roy. Thomas founded the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. His present case is defending the ‘rights of nature’ in the City of Pittsburgh. Arundhati Roy is an author, and she read a number of extracts from her latest book, Waking With the Comrades. She is a wonderful speaker and she shared incredible stories about her countries various struggles, such as water rights and issue facing India’s indigenous people.  

If you are like me, the health and wellbeing of all people and our planet is very important. I want to distill more about the issues we are facing and what actions I can take to support land rights for indigenous people, cleaner air for all of us to breathe, fresh water for all of us to drink and organic food for all of us to eat.

That reminded me of a metaphor members of an organization I support The Pachamama Alliance use when explaining the current relationship we have to the systems and structures of the modern world. “It is for us to hospice the old, dying and unsustainable structures and systems and to midwife the new.” What I mean by that is, we cannot sustain how we have been utilizing our natural resources, so we must create new healthy, conscious way of living in collaboration with Mother Nature. We must support the present system and prepare for the new.

I plan to distill my thoughts tonight and share more information and discoveries tomorrow in my blog Raising Consciousness series 2





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