Raising Great Children - 155 Things Moms Can Do TO RAISE GREAT CHILDREN

Coach Lori Radun just launched her new site - Momificent.  If you sign up for her newsletter you get two free special reports - the one that caught my eye:



It's confession time - My "children" are now 24 and 21.  The older son is getting married in July.  The younger son is moving to another city to live with a girlfriend while she completes her masters.


The only kid I have left is Martini the Wonder Dog - he's 12.5 in dog years - meaning that I'm now mother to a senior citizen.  


When the kids were borne I made a lot of self promises: I swore that I wouldn't ever yell (it took 11 years to break that barrier! Success?); always be present & listen (sometimes not listening is the only technique for survival) and grow healthy independently minded men who'd respect themselves and women (I want my babies back!!! I can carry you on my hip! I'll love you forever!! Don't you miss your mother - yet??)


These are my known transgressions. I'm wondering if I can wait for the 155 Things Grandmas Can Do. Start with a fresh page.  Then read all of the rules before I make a run with the baby to Disney World.  


Estrogen is the love drug.  Adulthood (of my kids) hasn't diminished that mama drive.  From a Boomer who's worshipped her kids and broken all of the rules, the only solution is "start over."  As soon as one of the d-i-l's announces a pregnancy, I'm cracking open that report. 


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