Raising a Feminist Son in the Princess Culture


W proclaimed himself a prince and continued watching his show.

The “I am a Princess” video aired again and he stood up and got close to the TV. He started shaking his head. He told me, “I don’t see a prince! Why can’t they play too?”

I flubbed something incredibly absurd and said they were probably there -- they were just getting a snack! Or MAYBE they are filming the princesses twirl and then they will take turns.

The funny thing is that I probably would not have raised an eyebrow at all over the princess video if I had a daughter. Watching my son watch the video is sad. It made me realize that we can do better. Boys are not better than girls and girls are not better than boys.

I am raising a feminist son in the sense that I want to make sure he knows that women and men can be and are equal. I have written before about chivalry; I believe it is a courtesy to extend to all. We don’t hold open the door for a woman just because she is a woman; we hold it open because we can and because it is the kind thing to do. We also hold the door open for men -- because we can and because it is the kind thing to do.

I am curious what other parents of sons feel about girl power. Does it still have a place? Is there still a need?

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