Raising a Son: I Don't "Get" Boys

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Sam is so similar to him. So incredibly similar to him, he wants to be just like his daddy. And it's not just about being like his daddy, he is fundamentally like him already.

Don't get me wrong -- Sam has part of me in there too. I recognize his shyness, because I'm the same way. And my son loves a lot of traditional feminine things like cooking and cleaning and snuggles and is such a tender, sweet boy. But he's a boy, not a girl, and sometimes it just really strikes me that I don't understand him the way I do the girls. Adore him with every fiber of my being, absolutely. But I'm so, so glad that Sam has Marc. I'm as grateful that my girls have a daddy that loves them and supports them and teaches them every day what a good man should do. But with Sam - Marc is modeling what he'll grow up to be - and Sam watches and absorbs all of it.  As an adult, I'm sure that you'll see my influence on him as well, he'll make my challah recipe, and I hope that he'll decorate a Christmas tree.  I'm sure he'll dance around the kitchen when he cooks like I do, and I hope that he'll love to read like I do.  I'm sure that he'll do lots of things the way that I do - but mostly, I hope that he's the kind of man his father is.  I also sincerely hope that he never really moves that far away, so when Marc is too old to shovel my walkways - he'll come and do it for me.


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