I haven’t blogged in awhile.  There has been way too much going on.  Coordinated a wedding, took a trip to the ER, did a craft show, sewing like mad, shopping for my mother and returning most things I purchased for her.  Oh, and the most important thing was semi-coordinating a gender reveal party for my daughter and son in law, who are going to have a baby in March.  The newest granddarling to join our family is going to be a girl!  It has been six years since a baby has been born in our family and I am more than excited.  Not only that but said daughter and son in law are going to be moving into a house a mile away from us, which will be lovely.

After filling orders from the craft show, and making some Captain America pajama pants for the boy granddarlings, I intend to figure out my embroidery machine.  The baby’s initials are ELB and  I am so looking forward to seeing what that monogram will look like! 

I am glad that the time has changed.  My friend, who is also my daughter’s mother in law and I try to walk early in the morning, three times a week.  But the last two weeks it has been too dark at 7 am, so now, we should be back on track. 

I am doing the food for a wedding in a couple of weeks and I have to think about that.  The reception is going to partially take place in an outdoor room with a fireplace.  It will be great, as long as it doesn’t rain.  The menu is fun too.  Barbeque sliders and cole slaw, a mashed potato and sweet potato bar, crunchy vegetables and fruit with caramel dip.  Besides wine and beer, there will be hot cider and tea.  Love it!

My friend/Etsy partner has a brand new granddarling girl, born this past Friday morning.  She is beautiful and perfectly healthy and she arrived a little earlier than expected.  There is still a dust ruffle for her crib that we need to finish and I promised her a little white corduroy dress with pink trim to match a coat that I made for her baby shower.  I also found a pair of pink suede boots to match. 

Speaking of shoes, I found a pair of baby girl boots in the Anthropologie catalog that I fell in love with.  They are pricey but oh so fabulous.  Just a little while ago, I found the website of the person who designed them (I think).  Check this lady out at: http://www.joyfolieblog.com/search/label/Joyfolie%20Designs

Darling husband is on the home stretch of finishing with the painting in the master bath.  I need to find a clock and some window treatments.  Our next project is what used to be our son’s bath.  We did not have a shower installed in that bathroom.  There is a whirlpool tub (small) and a hand held sprayer which was all done for easy care for our boy, who was very fragile and sick when we built this house.  But now, his room is a guest room and a shower is of course, preferred.  Not looking forward to this project, but it must be done…

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.  It is one of my favorite holidays and I am planning food and decorations.  This year, I will be using my mother’s Franciscan ware dishes for our dinner.   She got the October pattern and it is perfect for a Fall tablescape.  I am thinking a burlap runner and linen napkins, sunflowers and lots of candles.  We have our dinner in the evening and it is so much more relaxing for all of us to gather in the evening.  As always, we have so much to be thankful for and I am grateful for the opportunity to take time to reflect on how abundantly we are blessed.

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