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This year, I experienced the joys of preschool. The good, the bad, and the really annoying. It was very exciting for my son to enter a school enviornment, don't get me wrong. My son writes his name, he counts to 20, he sings a ton of cute songs too. So there is a lot to be proud of.

 Let me start with the good. I love that he has a structured day. He gets to play with other children and even gets recess. I really like his teacher and he is in a great school. He has made friends too. So overall, preschool is a hit.

 Then there's the bad. Sickness. SO. MUCH. SICKNESS. We have had 3 colds, the flu, and hand foot and mouth disease in a matter of 6 months! Pair that with the yucky winter that gave us a snow day a week for quite a while and it's safe to say he missed a lot of school. With that said, I think i'll apply just a little more hand sanitizer. Who knew having a preschooler could turn a Mom into a germaphope??

Then there is the annoying. Boys play rough. When boys get to play rough with other kids, they seem to get rougher. I'm pretty sure my son is convinced he is a real Power Ranger. I hear" hee-yah" at least twice a day and you would think he's a black belt. Sadly for him, he's just a boy, and his superpower seems to be playing rough with everybody.




Even with the sickness, and my son being a Power Ranger (in his mind at least), I have watched my child grow and learn so much! His progress  has been extraordinary and I am very proud. Now if only we could fight those pesky germs!

















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