Ranch sliders and meat deals

In my crazy yet minor obsession with coupons, I recently learned that Stop & Shop has a few clip-able coupons that give you even more savings than just their in-store deals! For example; this week, 80/20% ground beef is one of these coupons. The way we eat meat in this house, I needed this one! Savings tip: Buy meat in bulk and either create multiple dishes at once or separate it & label a freezer bag to remind you ie: “2# chop meat for burgers or chili”. Time and Sanity saver: Burgers are great to make ahead! Be sure to wrap them tightly, and freeze them. This way when you want them, one or two will defrost faster than a big chunk of store packaged chop meat. Kid friendly recipe: A 3.5# package of chop meat yielded 1 yummy meatloaf, 2 adult sized “steak burgers” and 8 kid friendly RANCH SLIDERS! Directions: Mix your chop meat with enough dry ranch dressing to dust the meat, form the meat into 2-3″ hamburgers and place on a non-stick surface that you can freeze. I recommend wrapping them once tightly with plastic wrap and then cover with aluminum foil. The plastic wrap will protect them from freezing, while the foil protects the meat from turning brown. Enjoy! Read more at: http://thesavingssiren.com/?p=71