Random Acts of Helpfulness: Honda Guys Handing out Ice Cream and More

Helpful_Honda-Ice_cream_truckThe Helpful Honda Guys in their iconic blue shirts will be stopping at various community activities, parks, sporting events, and concerts this summer; their random acts of kindness continue as they show up in random locations in Southern California this summer to surprise unsuspecting kids of all ages with free ice cream.

Honda first brought their Helpful Blue Ice Cream Truck to a variety of locations last weekend for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 20th, and they just announced on Twitter that they’re heading to Long Beach, Riverside, and Hawthorne this upcoming weekend to pass out even more free ice cream.

Earlier this week, they were at gas stations around the Victorville area pumping free gas for Honda drivers. If you’re heading out to Magic Mountain in Valencia this weekend, they also announced they’ll be there on Friday to help charge visitors’ cell phones,

helpful_honda-charge_batteries_magic_mountainIf you’ve seen their commercials, you know it's their job to be Helpful. Lending a hand in the community and giving back to loyal drivers is just another way the SoCal Honda Dealers are continuing their commitment to being Helpful, now in its 8th year. 

This summer, the Guys in Blue have already handed out water on hot afternoons; helped residents load groceries; picked up litter at parks, beaches and shopping plazas; paid for car washes and valet parking over Father's Day Weekend; surprised moms with complimentary movie tickets on Mother's Day; and given thrill-seekers complimentary parking at Magic Mountain, and Dodgers fans upgraded seats and tickets to upcoming games!

Helpful Honda Ice Cream TruckWondering how a Helpful Honda Guy can help you? To request a Random Act of Helpfulness from the Guys in Blue, please visit http://www.socalhondadealers.com/help-me-honda.

If you’d like some advance warning of where in Southern California they’ll be next, be sure to follow them at Twitter.com/helpfulhonda and like them on Facebookcom/socalhondadealers




Jody DeVere
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