Random Fun Facts: St. Valentine's Day

Random Fun Facts: St. Valentine's Day

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Happy-Valentines-Day Aunt Heather PiperBeing astounded by Fun Facts, I decided to share my findings with everyone.  Sometimes I come across this information online, via television, books, word-of-mouth, etc.  You get the point.  This material is basically what I find interesting and it's caught my attention for one reason or another, usually at random.  Enjoy!



Random Fun Fact!

Since today is indeed St. Valentine's Day, this isn't really random but still fun nevertheless.

  • Historian's link today with a celebration occurring ever February 15th.  What was this you may ask?  Basically the men stripped down to reveal the full moon and more.  While going commando, they would spank young maidens with animal-skin whips to promote fertility.

Maybe this was the inspiration for the 50 Shades trilogy.

  • Present day, St. Valentine's Day is not only observed in the United States but also in Mexico, Canada, France, Australia and the U.K.

That's a lot of love!

  • St. Valentine was noted for a clergyman in ancient Rome.  At the time marriage was outlawed because of a belief of the emperor.  He felt the union of man and wife during wartime made for a less effective soldier.  Bishop Valentine performed the covert missions of marring couples.
  • 200 years after the death of Bishop Valentine in 496 A.D., then Pope Gelasius I, officially declared Saint Valentine's Day on February 14th.
  • Handmade Valentine's Day cards were said to be exchanged, not mailed by the US Postal Service or emailed or Facebooked, they were handed to one another around the 17th century.
  • In the 1840's, the first mass-produced cards began.

Hence the decline of homemade cards, until scraping booking came to mainstream.

  • There are 1 billion cards sent each year worldwide, according to the Greeting Card Association.  Ya, that's what I thought, 'We have a Greeting Card Association?'.  Is it censorship for cards?  Anyway, they also state that more than half Americans purchase at least one card.

 I mailed a Valentine's Day card to Kyle.  It included a kitty that looked like Storm, flying through the air.  The inside said something about a hug.  Inside the card I send four multicolored Lego erasers.  I thought he'd get a kick out of that and the card would make him smile.

  • Still yet, the Greeting Card Association assures us that Valentine's Day cards are the biggest greeting card holiday in the United States, after Christmas naturally.

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