My Thoughts and Purpose, Musings Before BlogHer 12

It's less than a week away.  At this time next Wednesday, we will be at the airport waiting for our flight to La Guardia!  We arrive at 12:34 and I've yet to decide whether to hire a car service to get us to the Hilton, or just take a cab.  After my last taxi experience in Barcelona, I'm not anxious to get inside another cab.  But this is the US and not crazy Spain, so we should be good in a cab, right?

The Brawny Man

Things I've done to get ready so far:

1.  Gathered electronics, cameras, and chargers

2.  Folded my underthings for the trip.  

3.  Picked out which capri's and tops I'm taking.

4.  Started thinking about my purpose for going to BlogHer12.

I've been a blogger for a long time, I started in August 2007 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  (I'm 5 years cured btw) Those blogposts are abandoned, just out there for someone who might need them.  And then I started blogging about emotions, things inside of my head and heart, things that hurt me, as an avenue to release any bad feelings by getting it in print so I could look at it and get some advice and virtual love.

Last year, my daughter asked if we could go to BlogHer for her birthday gift.  I think her original intent was just me and her, but I remember telling her I couldn't leave Michael home while I traveled to San Diego, so we decided to bring the husbands and Mr. Q.  The guys hung out and did fun things like golf, daughter and I had Q that day and we gave them time off for good behavior that turned bad at the golf course.  But that's another story. 


They went to the zoo while we were in the conference the first day.  And hubby and I did get time to explore San Diego together.  And he got caught up in the wave of what BlogHer is, about the sheer numbers of women who converged upon San Diego for this wonderful event.

Unicorn cake at Sparklecorn

This year when I bought my ticket, I got him a expo and party pass so he could join the fun.  Why not?  Then daughter told me she got a full pass for son in law and I got to thinking.  Yes, I want to change Michael to a full pass.  See, he has the intentions of blogging as @toothdoc, and I'm excited about that.  This conference he's going to all the sessions I've picked.  

Hopefully I can get him in the Geek lab and Writing lab.  I know I read somewhere that they save room for walk ins.  Every class I want to go to will be good for him because I've picked sessions like Blogging for the Love of It, Celebrate your Small Blog, and of course lunch with Martha on Friday.  Twizzlers Space Needle

Saturday we are going to the Image Post-Production which will be good for him because he's at a beginner level on editing.  Both of us shoot SOOC (straight out of camera) and I rarely do any post production except cropping and the occasional auto enhance.  So I'm excited about this for both of us.  

I'm booked (self imposed booked) from 9am to 10pm Friday, and 8am to 10pm on Saturday. I'm glad we are going home Monday.  We might just be too tired to travel on Sunday!  Hubby is super excited about meeting Katie Couric and Martha Stewart, as am I.

I'm very excited to meet lot's of BlogHer peeps this year.  Last year I was a BlogHer virgin and pretty much a loner.  Daughter's interests were different than mine last year, and I was just limping back into blogging regularly, so I wasn't sure where I fit.  I was alone a lot.  Well, alone surrounded by many wonderful people that I didn't know.  This year it's different.  I've grown quite close to lot's of you and it's going to be fun!  

And I've realized what my purpose is for attending.  I've made a little money this year blogging, and I'd like to make more.  I've done free totally free endorsements for products I love for a while now.  I want to connect with some brands that I love and see if I can wiggle in some more paid opportunities to write.  

I'm really excited!  What are you excited for most at BlogHer12?  What is your purpose?


blogher soap carving by Ivory Soap


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