Random Thoughts 6/19/2014

I purchased a digital book from Amazon. The preview looked great the description was awesome. Why was it only 10 pages long? I want my $2.99 back!

Office attire is sometimes troublesome because of my DDs.

I truly am grateful for the day party.

Realizing I'm getting old after typing that.

The Boy is officially taller than me. His eyes align with my forehead.

Cancer sucks. Especially when it hits home.

My nerves cannot take a man who is moody like a bitch. Stop being so grumpy all the time.

We complain about the cold we complain about the heat. Listen I never complained about the cold. I love the cold. I can layer in the fall. Summer not so much.

I'm going golf club shopping this weekend. I have a budget. Not sure how far $100 will get me but I expect to find a full start set of clubs for $100 or less. That includes taxes. I need a coupon.

My father has me watching Hank Haney DVDs... DVDs people. The Boy said. "Dannnnggg those are old."

I've already started looking at out golfing outfits. 5 steps ahead as always. I should probably learn how to swing the club first.


Random Thoughts 6/19/2014


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