Rant & Jumbo Squid

This post was prompted by a FB page (animal related) and some pictures that were posted of unusual looking animals. It bothered me because many people including the owner of the page started scolding those of us who did not find these particular animals "adorable". They also stated that if we didn't like all animals we could leave the page. I'm still debating this.

My original FB post-

"I'm sorry but a snake is more adorable then that!"

If something makes your skin crawl, then it makes your skin crawl. There's not much that you can do about it.

Should I have posted something negative about the picture of this particular creature or any subject matter? Probably not. I know I should follow my rule of "if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". I can admit when I'm wrong.

What annoys me, is people telling me I'm wrong because my beliefs and ideals don't line up with theirs. This is a big world we live in. People are different, plain & simple. As long as I'm not harming this creature, not thinking it's beautiful just because it's alive is not a crime against humanity.

There are many animals that I think are cute, but many people feel are ugly as sin. Such as the hairless cat. I don't agree with them on their assessment but that's their right to think the hairless cat is hideous.

My personal opinion is that you don't have to think all animals are beautiful, to be an animal lover. Again you can't change your internal reaction to something. Do you have a choice to harm or help animals? Yes. Do we have a choice to consume or not consume animals? Yes.

I'm not going to take a shovel to a creature that's digging around in my backyard because it's creeping me out. I will have someone remove it in a humane way.

I just had to get this off of my chest without starting a back & forth inter-web fight, that I'm sure would have continued had I gone back and reacted to my original post and all the seemingly condescending responses.

Rant over. ;)

Has anyone heard of the massive influx of jumbo squid off the California coast? I don't know about you but it worries me. I'm not a biologist but here's my take.

If these jumbo squid are all of a sudden coming up along this particular coastline, it's probably because they're in search of food. Over-fishing, pollution, climate change. Who knows, I'm sure there are a ton of reasons. That means that the bigger animals (like the Colossal, capable-of-eating-a-man, squid) that may eat the jumbo squid are possibly coming next. It could be weeks, months or years, but they are coming. My opinion only. Well, if I had no intention of swimming in huge bodies of water, it's solidified now.

What's your take on the jumbo shrimp or overzealous page moderators?


Till next time,


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