Rantings of a mother-businesswoman

I spent four years at univeristy studying for an honours degree, in the middle of my third year I gave birth to my son. When I graduated I found that I couldnt start on my career that I longed for because I had to , I felt compelled to spend time with my child. It so depressed me and made me so angry about everything in my life the decisions I made, the unfairness of having to handle so much on my own, what was worse is that no one seemed to understand how I felt. Eventually I decided it was time for me to take control of the situation thats when www.thethreadbaresite.com was born. It was my salvation, the salvation of a self apart from everything else. It is my very own small business selling very cheap accessories and gift items. I sell items made by local craftspeople who find it difficult to find a market for the handmade products they create, hoping to make a social impact while finding fulfillment in my work. All my bags are from "Sthree" a womens organization designed to help women from low-income families find a market for handmade crafts products. I am constantly on the look out for new craft ideas so please feel free to point out some. I make handmade recycled paper products, but need new ideas and designs. I am also struggling to get some traffic to my site any pointers?


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