Rape, Life, Guns & Politicians

What is this?

“A Colorado legislator stated Monday that women in college should not carry guns to protect themselves from sexual assault, because they may prematurely shoot harmless men they “feel” are dangerous” ~ Campus Rape Victim Amanda Collins Responds to Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar   - Really???

Campus Rape Victim Amanda Collins Responds to Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar


This guy can go ahead and play GOD with his wife’s and daughter’s life but he nor any other Politician has permission to play GOD with my life or my daughter’s life.   

The Facts: for what crimes were reported!

National Statistics about Sexual Violence on College Campuses

  • One in 4 college-aged women report experiences that meet the legal definitions of rape or attempted rape
  • One in 5 college women are raped during their college years
  • Most survivors of sexual assaults are full-time students. Approximately one-third of them are first year students between 17-19 years old

High School girls: 

  • 10.5 percent of all high school-age girls have been sexually assaulted
  • State of Indiana, 17.3% HS girls ‘reported experiencing rape or sexual assault’


Sad statistical part about this entire failure for America society is smoking occurs less than rapes

Do you think that title was a little radical for my article today?

I don’t think it is, we need to start having some real hard conversations about the Facts and NOT what men think.  It’s time to start asking the tough questions:

Who are the mothers raising these dysfunctional men?

What politicians have the right to tell me that I can’t protect myself?

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