The Rape of Men

***I am placing a huge trigger warning on this one. The article I have linked to is very graphic and extremely upsetting. Please, please, be careful reading it if you are a survivor.***

I thought long and hard about posting this particular article.  It is very upsetting to read, but it discusses something that typically gets swept under the rug.  The rape of men.  This article focuses on something that is dear to my heart...victims of rape used as a weapon of war.

male-rape-victim-uganda-007 Photograph: Will Storr for the Observer

One of my first experiences with other rape survivors came when I started participating in the organization Women for Women International.  I read story after story of women who had been brutally assaulted during conflicts all over the world.  Many of us have read horror stories about the Congo and how dangerous a place it is for women, how common it is for women to be raped by soldiers in the course of the wars there.

This article talks about the same thing, only with men.  For the men involved, it is even more difficult because of the great stigma attached to being a rape victim.  They are finding that there are not the same level of services (both medical and counseling) for men as there are for women.  In many of these countries, homosexuality is a crime for which one can be imprisoned, making it even more difficult for men to come forward and tell their stories.  They fear that people will think they are gay and they will be prosecuted.  Many of these men's wives leave them when they find out the truth.

So they suffer in silence.

If you feel safe enough, read the article.  And keep our brothers in your prayers.

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