The Rare Personal Update Post

Due to being unsuccessfully semi-employed and reaching the end of my rope I had to move in with family. This has been a fairly easy transition so far. The only problem was that I spent more time agonizing over the situation and getting ready for the move than in continuing to write. (I did some writing, but couldn't get motivated to write because of depression and worrying about things I had no control over.)

I did do some writing, but not nearly enough. I am still lagging behind because of other concerns. One of the things that I did not do was make a greater effort at writing and posting in none-core blogs. (This blog, my blog on Shine, my Wordpress and my blogs were the ones I had either not updated on, or only updated sporadically.)

I am trying to get back into the swing of things (as well as trying to find something to write about on both Shine and here) but it is still hard to get going because there is just so much going on that I can't fix or get control of that I spend a lot of time being overwhelmed and twitchy. 

/random update.