Raspberry Pancakes


I've got the painting thing figured out with kids, but not the glitter thing.  Glitter gets everywhere and I stress over the children wasting it because it costs so much to get more.  Really?  More than the paints?  Maybe, but I think part of the fun of art is having fun being creative and not hearing an adult telling you to be frugal with your materials at every step.

I worked through it.  And I cleaned up lots of the glitter, but I also left lots behind.

I also made some heart shaped pancakes for lunch that I saw on pinterest.  They weren't just heart shape pancakes, but rather regular pancakes in a heart shape with a heart shape inside of them that was pink.  I made the small pink ones first using raspberry extract, food dye and a cookie cutter.  I then made the regular ones and cookie cuttered out a heart in each one and replaced it with a pink heart.  Easy schmeazy.  Not.  My kitchen is now a total disaster.   I burnt things.  I spilled things.  I had my heat on too high.  I had it on too low.  I didn't really have a rhythm, but from the photos, it looks looks like I totally knew what I was doing (except that my plain colored pancakes are not heart shaped, nor even nicely round - they're more like monster splats).

Through all of this I have a buggy hacking cough that got me out of bed at 5:20.  I DO like being up early but kinda crazy to be up early and not be going to the gym and using that time well.  Instead I sat on the sofa and read stuff on the internet (which I manage to do a lot so it doesn't seem like any big treat).

It's now post pancake lunch and my kiddos are just falling asleep.  I've got a kitchen disaster and then possible plans to make a heart shaped cake, but I might ditch that plan.

I am so looking forward to being healthy.  When I'm healthy I can exercise.  When I'm healthy I don't seek food to change the uncomfortable feelings in my head.  Well, I do seek food, but not to relieve the congestion or stuffiness or fogginess or whateverness that seems to accompany a virus.  When I'm healthy I can use my time well and get things done or use my time poorly and at least enjoy the time.  Now it's all an annoying coughing drag.

Okay - enough.  I'm heading downstairs to make some tea with loads of honey.


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