Raw Granola Bars + Sponsor an Animal for Easter

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been sprouting.  I decided to make my Candy-Coated Granola with the sprouted buckwheat groats but as I checked on them a few hours into dehydrating, I suddenly wanted granola bars

so I scored them and ended up with these.

I made just a few changes from the original recipe:

  • Omitted sesame seeds
  • Added 1/4 cup thickly chopped Brazil nuts
  • Scored the batter into 12 bars
  • Dehydrated for 30 hours

These bars make a great, quick breakfast and, if you happen to have a little leftover frosting from the Raw Carrot-Banana Cake recipe…

…you can enjoy this granola bar as dessert!

While I do love to toss sprouted grains into a salad I have to tell you…this is how I most enjoy sprouted grains! These bars are so good. I hope you try them!


Just a few days away from Easter I wanted to make sure to share some important information I received from Farm Sanctuary.  Farm Sanctuary is urging parents to think twice before buying pets this Easter: 

Rabbits, ducks and chickens are living, feeling animals, not holiday trinkets, yet many people impulsively purchase them without considering whether or not they are prepared to take care of them for many years to come,” said Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director Susie Coston. “We urge parents to show their children that animals deserve love when they’re all grown up just as much as when they were babies. They can do that by sponsoring an animal in need for their children this Easter rather than buying one.

I’m proud to sponsor this darling goat

My Sweet Clover

living at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  Please consider sponsoring an animal for Easter. Visit farmsanctuary.org.

JL is a food and fitness writer. She blogs at JL goes Vegan:  Food & Fitness with a side of Kale.  You can follow JL on Twitter.


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