Raw Menopausal Truths and the Indignities of Getting Old

To be “raw” is to be pure and honest; it is to tell it like it is, unadulterated. However the fear of offending the listener, in this case the reader, is a problem; but to tell it other than the unvarnished truth is nothing more than sugar-coating. What to do, what to do? After taking a few brief moments to think this through, I’m sorry, but the menopausal Wailing Banshee in me must be allowed to vent, to rant, to tell the truth and nothing but the raw truth. So to the “sensitive” among you; sorry, you’ve been warned?!

The last two months have been nothing but total chaos, and I’ve got an on-going growing list. Since receiving that 60-day notice to move I have not been myself: I haven’t shaved my legs or armpits, I haven’t worked out, I rarely comb my hair, but do shower when I absolutely need to. And, to make matters even worse, I’ve added another 10 whopping pounds to my old aging flesh. That’s right! I now weigh 238.8.

Oh-yeah, I’ve turned to food like a shaking drug addict, eating like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ll admit it; I have a problem. I am basking in self-pity with a heavy lack of restraint. But I would appreciate no backlash, no criticism, no belittling or shaming me. I feel my life has fallen into deep doo-doo. See…I can’t even allow myself to swear with the best of them. Heavy sigh!

I saw my last period December of 2008, and I thought I was happy to be rid of the monthly annoyances, the unpredictable periods that brought along the embarrassment of accidents, the gut-wrenching cramps that often put me in a fetal position, the porking-out for days brought on by uncontrollable munchies which led to the weight gain, the horrible mood swings that should have driven my hubby to become an alcoholic, yet he didn’t quite ever make it to the bars. God bless him!

I want to grow old with grace and dignity, live out my days having earned love and respect, but by the look of things, how I have been feeling lately, my spirit says I am near death’s door.

OMG! I’ve become my mother!

First you’re menopausal and then you are OLD!

Soon I’ll shamelessly pass gas and burp in the presence of company, including public places. After all, the aged seemed to feel they’ve earned the right to do so. And have you ever noticed that no-one seems to have the guts to say anything to them. But if I did that now, I’d never hear the end of it. Sigh!

So where is the dignity in growing old? I am not feeling any dignity here!

I would now like to thank you in advance for your compassion and consideration of this blog post.


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