Rayhané Sanders

Literary Manager, WSK Management LLC

Rayhané represents a wide range of adult titles, including narrative nonfiction, memoir, food and travel narratives, microhistory, psychology, pop culture, and literary, historical, and commercial fiction, including short story collections, as well as a small number of voice-driven YA titles. She is drawn to projects with strong narrators, foreign lands, cross-cultural themes, issues of identity and race, musical settings, underrepresented characters and pockets of culture, and Buddhist thought, but her bookshelf is inviting and she will take on any project that she’s passionate about.

Rayhané graduated from New York University where she studied Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies before going to work as a reporter and freelance writer for such magazines as Newsweek, Forbes, and Impose prior to moving into book publishing. Having worked for Penguin and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, she cut her teeth at Lippincott, Massie, McQuilkin and William Morris Endeavor, where she worked closely with agent Dorian Karchmar. She joined WSK Management in June, 2011. She lives in Brooklyn and her family is from Tehran, Cyprus, Los Angeles, and Queens.

Rayhané is taking on new clients, and she prefers emailed queries. Please submit just a query letter and an author bio via the form below. She responds only if she’s interested in seeing material.